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Any and all events of the Prairie Thunder Pyrotechnics Guild will be posted on this page, so be sure to check back often!

Upcoming Events

Spring 2011 Spring Group Shoot, date and location to be announced.

Summer 2011 Summer Group Shoot, date and location to be announced.

August 6th - August 12th 2011 PGI Convention, Fargo ND

Fall 2011 Fall Group Shoot, date and location to be announced.

Past Shoots

September 19th 2009: Fall Group Shoot & Catered Family Picnic.

July 19th 2009: Following our membership meeting and annual elections, open shooting was held at Adventure Shooting Sports. We had the gun club all to ourselves for the 1st time. Within individual efforts, several girandolas , dozens of large and small multi-shot cakes, several racks of shells, and a very impressive mini-megastring of crackers were fired. Conditions for setup and shooting could not have been more favorable. It was an especially noisy evening. All being fresh off of our experience from the 4th of July, many members showcased their favorite items from the 2009 selection of products. Simply stated, fireworks keep getting better, and being in a club continues to put like minded people together to share their findings on products and techniques. We look forward to our fall shoot in September.

May 16th 2009: Several members of PTPG got together at Adventure Shooting Sports in Horace and held our Spring shoot. It was a great kickoff to the 2009 fireworks season and we were able to see some exciting new products. Dan had a successful charter testing of his hand built electronic sequencer using only silver comets. None of us really knew what all of those wires and buttons were for, but we agreed that it seemed to work well. Hans put together a couple of cake boards and shell racks hooked up to 12 cues and totaled up over 400 breaks in less than 5 minutes. Kevin and Matt set up another perfectly timed 1 fuse board with several cakes. Dean put out one of the finest hand lit multi-cake and shell rack shows many of us had seen. Tyler and Andy showed up with a bag of "bottle" rockets that brought on smiles from everyone.

September 6th 2008: We are having our next shoot / meet on 9/6/08 at Adventure Shooting Sports. Our intention is to re-create the "show" that was fired in the small class c competition at Wyoming Firefest. Much of the fireworks that will be fired on 9/6/08 are leftovers that did not shoot due to the mechanical failure experienced. The remainder of the show has been planned and filled in with stuff we had laying around. All in all, it should come out to around 1200 various shots in under 5 minutes. After the short display, we will have time for open shooting (1.4 class C only) by individuals who are members of PTPG. We welcome those individuals who are interested in seeing what the club is all about to come out for the display and to mix with members and like minded fireworks lovers.

August 9th 2008: Our last event at the 2008 PGI convention in Gillette, WY was a major success! We were able to take home the first place trophy for Small Class C Competition!

May 10th 2008: First PTPG shoot at Adventure Shooting Sports. See the picture and video galleries to see us in action.

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